Tuesday, August 30, 2011

End of August Results

We had a few people who rocked August!!! Way to go!!
But lets be real here... I think August is one of the hardest months to stay focused and lose weight. Summer is coming to an end and there is so much fun to get in! So if you didn't do as well as you were hoping, don't be too hard on yourself! We still lost 14.4lbs as a group!!

Megan 4.03%
Brandi 2.13%
Paige 1.79%
Holly 1.02%
Jennifer 0.41%
StephAnn 0.00%
Jenn -0.19%
Jennifer -0.94%
Krissy -1.28%

Let's hear it for Megan!!! She's our loser of the month!!! She's down 4.03% of her body weight!! Yahoo!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 12th Results

Sorry I didn't get last weeks numbers up. Summer is ending crazy... like it should :) So here are the results for the 1st two weeks combined

Megan 2.61%
Holly 1.37%
Brandi 1.06%
Jennifer 0.41%
Jenn 0.37%
Paige 0.00%
StephAnn 0.00%
Krissy -1.28%
Amy -1.49%
Jennifer -3.59%

Stay focused - only 2 more weigh ins this month! You can do this!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

End of July Results

Holy Cow People!!! We lost... 52.3lbs in July!! That is so awesome... even more awesome for a summer month. You guys KILLED it!!
Whitney is our winner/loser of the month!!! I'll be contacting you about the prize!

Whitney 5.60%
Brandi 5.05%
Krissy 4.47%
Obxbound 2.98%
Megan 2.54%
Valarie 2.05%
StephAnn 1.16%
Jennifer 0.58%
Cassondra -0.32%
Amanda -0.71%
Paige -0.90%
Amy -1.01%

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 22nd Results

It was a hard week for most of us. This is your push week... who will win this month prize?

Brandi 1.55%
Megan 1.25%
Krissy 1.23%
Whitney 1.02%
StephAnn 0.39%
Obxbound 0.30%
Amanda 0.00%
Amy 0.00%
Valarie 0.00%
Cassondra -0.85%
Jennifer -1.17%
Paige -1.81%

Monday, July 18, 2011

July 15th Results

Now that's what I'm talking about!!! 23.4lbs in one week!!! Way to work it! If you keep this up July could be our best month ever!!

Valarie 2.05%
Whitney 1.91%
Jennifer 1.32%
Megan 1.23%
Obxbound 1.20%
Brandi 1.03%
Kissy 0.82%
StephAnn 0.77%
Amanda 0.00%
Amy 0.00%
Cassondra 0.00%
Paige -0.30%

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 8th Results

Here are our results for our first week in July... they're not grand... but hey, the month is just starting! Remember, the winner at the end of the month will be getting a prize package from me!

Brandi 1.52%
Obxbound 0.89%
Paige 0.60%
Cassondra 0.53%
Megan 0.49%
Kissy 0.41%
Whitney 0.37%
Jennifer 0.08%
Amy 0.00%
StephAnn 0.00%
Valarie 0.00%
Amanda -0.71%

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

End of June Results!

I know it's hard to stay focused on weight loss during Summer... saying that, we didn't do too bad. As a group we lost 22lbs in June! Our Biggest Loser of the month was Anne who lost 4% of her body weight last month! Way to BRING IT Anne!!

Anne 4.00%
StephAnn 2.26%
Amanda 1.41%
Kristi 1.05%
Ashely 0.89%
Liberty 0.00%
Teresa 0.00%

As promised July a prize month... who's ready to work!?