Monday, March 21, 2011

March 18th Results

To be completely honest not our best week as a group. I don't know if it was all those liquid calories on St. Patrick's day or we're just getting lost in the month.
Though some people did really good. I even got a message from someone that they reached their goal! Yay!!!
Keep your eye on your goal. You still have time to end the month strong. We have 2 more weigh ins for the month. Our last weigh in will be April 1st (I'm not joking ;) ) And next months game will start that day too.

Maggie 2.44%
Dana 1.98%
Leah 1.35%
Kelly's Belly 0.45%
Austin 0.31%
Dawn 0.00%
Jamie 0.00%
Jon 0.00%
Drew -0.30%
StephAnn -0.37%
Amy -0.51%
Kami -1.78%

Way to Maggie!!! She's our loser of the week!

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 11th Results

Sorry I'm posting this so late in the day. Not a great week, but not a bad week as a group :) As a group we lost 10lbs! Keep reminding yourself of your goal and you'll make it!

Leah was our biggest loser of the week. Way to stay focused and and push yourself!

Leah 2.63%
Dawn 2.56%
Amy 0.81%
Jon 0.59%
Jamie 0.43%
StephAnn 0.37%
Dana 0.00%
Kami 0.00%
Kelly's Belly 0.00%
Maggie 0.00%
Drew -0.30%
Austin -1.27%

St. Patrick's Day is this week. Try not to drink too many calories of your calories ;) Good luck!

Monday, March 7, 2011

March 4th Results

It was a good start to March, total of 12lbs. And some people may think 12 is not a big number, but that's 12lbs in one week!! I think that's pretty good. But I do think we can do better! :) Keep reminding yourself about your goal. You can do this!

Way to go Kami - you're our Biggest Loser of the week!!

Kami 1.75%
Jamie 1.41%
Leah 1.30%
Drew 1.19%
Jon 0.84%
Dana 0.53%
Kelly's Belly 0.32%
Austin 0.21%
Amy 0.20%
Dawn 0.00%
Johnathan 0.00%
StephAnn 0.00%
Maggie -0.82%