Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of May Results!

As a group we lost 55.2 lbs!!! Way to go everyone!!! We had some Big Big Losers this month!! But our Biggest loser was Rod!! He lost 7.76% of his body weight in one month!!! Way to go Rod!!!

Rod 7.76%
Pepsea 5.60%
Anne 4.92%
Jamie 4.04%
Kelly 2.97%
Jennifer 1.28%
Anna 0.88%
Amanda 0.00%
Kristi 0.00%
Liberty 0.00%
Meredith 0.00%

Junes game will start Friday and go to July 1st. Who wants to play? Message me!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 13th Results

Wow people!! You guys are rocking it!! 21lbs lost last week! Keep it up we're half way through the month... are you going to BRING IT!? Prize up for grabs!!!

Rod killed it last week losing 4.39% We'll see how he does this week without the flu helping him out ;) Keep it up Rod... not the flu... just the working hard :)

Rod 4.39%
Kelly 2.47%
Pepsea 1.66%
Anna 1.35%
Jamie 1.17%
Anne 0.77%
Kristi 0.52%
Jennifer 0.51%
Amanda 0.00%
Meredith 0.00%
Liberty -1.51%

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 6th Results

We've had a pretty good start to our month... as a group we lost 24.5lbs!!! Not too bad :) Need to give a shout out to Rod!! He is our loser of the week... he lost 6.39% of his body weight last week! Way to BRING IT!

Rod 6.39%
Pepsea 2.06%
Jamie 1.52%
Anne 1.52%
Kelly 0.00%
Kristi 0.00%
Meredith 0.00%
Anna -0.08%
Jennifer -0.43%
Amanda -0.71%