Sunday, November 28, 2010

End Results for November!

I know... it's so not fair to have a weigh in the day after Thanksgiving! But for the most part I think we did alright for the month! Congratulations to Elaine who is our biggest loser of the month!

Elaine 5.14%
Maggie 4.32%
Valarie 4.28%
Kellysbelly 1.94%
Cortney 0.93%
Gladis 0.88%
StephAnn 0.36%
Kristi 0.00%

Who's going to BRING IT for December!?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

December's game

We have one more weigh-in for November...
Decembers game will start this weekend. If you want to play for December message me with your starting weight anytime Friday-Sunday. Our weigh-in day will be Fridays like normal the rest of the month. And get this... that makes Decembers last weigh in the 31st... New Years Eve.

So who's in? How well can we end 2010... set yourself up to start 2011 right!

*** Also for the month of December there will be a PRIZE for the Biggest Loser of the month!!!***
***Pixie Chicago has donated a $40.00 gift card!!!***

Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 19th Results

For being mid way through holiday season I think we're doing alright! Halloween - New Years is pretty tough! No one gained weight!

Cortney 1.55%
StephAnn 1.06%
Kellysbelly 0.78%
Maggie 0.75%
Valarie 0.56%
Gladis 0.25%
Elaine 0.00%
Kristi 0.00%

This week will be tough with Thanksgiving... my thoughts... eat well the rest of the week, workout everyday (including Thanksgiving morning). And go ahead and eat some of the good stuff on Turkey day! Don't eat the entire bird ;) But enjoy the meal!

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

November 12th Results

Looks like it was a tough week for most of us... except Valarie!! Way to go girl!

Valarie 3.74%
Maggie 0.75%
Gladis 0.63%
Anne 0.00%
Kristi 0.00%
StephAnn -0.36%
Elaine -0.59%
Cortney -0.62%
Kellysbelly -0.92%

Monday, November 8, 2010

First Week of November Results!

Small group this month... kind of expected it... holiday months are difficult. Don't beat yourself up just do the best you can!

Maggie 3.60%
Elaine 3.43%
Kellysbelly 1.55%
Anne 0.00%
Gladis 0.00%
Valarie 0.00%
StephAnn -0.36%
Kristi -0.53%

Monday, November 1, 2010

End Results for October!

We're in the really hard months to lose weight October, November and December. All the Holiday fun and all the Holiday food. Even though October has little candy everywhere you turn you guys did great!
Cortney is our loser of the month!!! She lost 4.17% of her weight!!!
Cortney 4.17%
Drew 3.93%
Stacie 3.10%
Anne 1.82%
StephAnn 1.06%
Jessica 1.02%
Meredith 0.75%
Valarie 0.53%
Kellysbelly 0.51%
Katie 0.33%
Jeannine 0.00%
Pepsea 0.00%
Kristi -0.53%
Amy -1.02%
Elaine -1.74%