Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 24th Results

Wow, this month has really gotten away from me. I'm not exactly sure what happened... Here are last weeks results

Anne 0.82%
StephAnn 0.76%
Amanda 0.71%
Teresa 0.25%
Ashely 0.00%
Kristi 0.00%
Liberty 0.00%

To make up for my slacking... next month will be a prize month!! Spread the work to anyone who would like a little help or accountability staying on track this summer.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 3rd Results

Sorry for the delay in posting this. Things are kinda crazy as I get ready to head to Cali for the Beachbody Coach Summit. We have a smaller group this month... but still we lost 14lbs in the first week! Way to go!!

Anne 2.40%
StephAnn 1.13%
Kristi 1.05%
Ashely 0.89%
Amanda 0.70%
Teresa 0.25%
Liberty 0%

I'm leaving for Cali on Thursday and be back Sunday night. Please send me your new numbers anyway! :) Keep your goal in mind - You can do this!