Monday, April 25, 2011

Back in May

So we took April off from the game... mostly because people felt they were too busy to play this month. But I'm starting the game back up for May... and because May is my birthday month... I will be giving out a prize bag for the biggest loser of the month!! As always FREE to play... Who's in?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Final Results for March

Hey Everyone!
Final Results are in for March... We had a pretty good month! Yay us!! As a group we lost 42.6 pounds!!!

Our looser of the month was Leah!!! She lost an amazing 7.79% of her body weight! Way to stay focused Leah! Any words of wisdom for us? :)

Leah 7.79%
Maggie 3.28%
Dawn 3.21%
Dana 3.20%
Jamie 3.00%
Drew 1.79%
Amy 1.52%
Jon 1.01%
Kelly's Belly 0.95%
Kami 0.00%
StephAnn 0.00%
Austin -1.06%