Thursday, December 30, 2010

So as you can tell, the December 24 results didn't happen. I think 3 people sent me their weigh ins... but I understand. It was Christmas and crazy. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! Tomorrow's weigh in is the the big one! We can see how we did for the entire month. Don't forget to send me your numbers tomorrow!

And let me know if you want to play in January! Have you made any goals? If not, here's an idea

Monday, December 20, 2010

December 17th Results

I know it's getting harder for people this month. But set a goal and go for it. It doesn't have to be a big goal - it can be to just not gain weight this month or lose 2/3 pounds this month.
Less than a week before Christmas. This is your week to push really hard to help with all the Christmas food. You can do it!!

Maggie 1.52%
Christine 1.26%
Marina 1.01%
Anna 0.97%
Vicky 0.51%
Pepsea 0.15%
Bill 0.00%
Cassie 0.00%
Celeste 0.00%
Cortney 0.00%
Elaine 0.00%
Jennifer 0.00%
Meredith 0.00%
Robin 0.00%
Sierra 0.00%
StephAnn 0.00%
Drew -0.59%

Monday, December 13, 2010

December 10th Results

This week looks like it was a bit tougher for people. Tis to be expected I guess this time of year. :) Keep working at it!!

Jennifer 1.75%
Vicky 1.52%
Christine 1.24%
Meredith 1.07%
Bill 0.93%
Cassie 0.65%
Drew 0.59%
StephAnn 0.36%
Celeste 0.00%
Sierra 0.00%
Cortney -0.53%
Marina -0.60%
Elaine -0.61%
Robin -0.62%
Pepsea -0.76%
Anna -1.47%
Maggie -1.54%

Here's my tip... it's not very fun or festive... but bake less! If you're like me you need to taste everything you bake. Those calories add up!

Monday, December 6, 2010

December 3rd Results

We've got a big group this month! And it was a great start to the month! Together we lost 25.4 pounds in one week!!!

Robin 2.40%
Maggie 2.26%
Cassie 1.92%
Sierra 1.38%
Bill 1.37%
Vicky 1.00%
Anna 0.73%
Celeste 0.72%
Meredith 0.71%
Christine 0.62%
Elaine 0.60%
Cortney 0.52%
StephAnn 0.36%
Drew 0.00%
Jennifer 0.00%
Pepsea 0.00%
Marina -1.02%

Keep it up! Lets see how much weight we can lose in one month!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Workout reviews (updated)

I've had a couple people asking about different workouts. So here is a little blip about my favorites or the ones that have impressed me the most.

Beginner – Intermediate

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred – is a great beginner workout. Very basic, easy to understand, no coordination needed. It’s set up as a 30 day straight circuit training workout, and runs about 30 minutes. Strength, cardio, abs. Really good starter workout, you will hurt. But after 1 or 2 months I got bored with it. And was ready to move on to something else.

Turbo Jam – Love this workout! It’s kickboxing and dancing rolled up in one. Fun music, cool moves. And there are lots of different Turbo Jam workouts – so you’re able to mix it up. To see a video on what the workout is like check out

Power 90 – Good workout, very straight forward. Fat burning and total-body sculpting focused on abs, thighs, and upper body. This was actually the first workout DVD I bought almost 10 years ago. To see a video on what the workout is like check out

ChaLEAN Extreme – I’m currently doing this one. After doing Insanity it was hard to do something that made you go this slow. But once I got use to it, I really started to enjoy this program. I think one of my favorite things about this program is finding out how strong I am! Also, I have some friends have amazing transformations with this program. I think this one can take you from beginner to a strong intermediate. You burn fat, build lean muscle. It’s a fact: The more lean muscle you have, the more fat you burn. You can lose up to 60% of your body fat in just 3 months To see a video on what the workout is like check out

Intermediate – Advanced

Turbo Fire – From the same creator as Turbo Jam. This is less dancy, and will push you much harder. This actually can be used as a starter program too, they have a modifier in all the DVD’s to start someone out with until they are ready to move to the advanced moves. You can burn up to 9x more fat than with regular cardio doing TurboFire. Featuring High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), these 12 workout classes make you sweat with the hottest music and moves. I’ve done a few of the workouts… Chalene will push you! I’m totally amazed what Chalene can do to you in 15 minutes. If you want to see fast results and are will to give it all your got Turbo Fire is the way to go! To see a video on what the workout is like check out

Insanity – OMG! This workout is not for everyone! It is so hard! It will push you harder than you thought possible. And you will see results if you are willing to push through it! Almost every day while doing the workout I would say to myself… WHY AM I DOING THIS? But then you see the results and see how much better you get and you know why. For me it’s a love hate relationship, but I did lose 15lbs and 10 inches doing this program! To see a video on what the workout is like check out

P90X – this is an extreme home fitness training system that contains 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workout DVDs, designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days. I haven’t tried this one yet. I should have more to say on it soon. My husband is planning on doing it. To see a video on what the workout is like check out

*Lots of beginners do use the intermediate – advanced workouts, they just modify them and do what they can until they can do the full version.

~If there is a workout you'd like me to take a look at and review let me know!